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Defined by simplicity and peace.

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For us, the new Z050 is a kind of look back at the time when the pocket knife had pocket dimensions. Most of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers carried such a knife somewhere in their pockets. A small, oval, elegant helper for every day. Those were the pocket knives of the past and same is the Z050. Thanks to its smaller size, relaxed and smooth shape with two-hand opening, it will never attract more attention than necessary. The blade, which we made out of steel Sleipner, will serve well in everyday activities, and the handle equipped with a double detent slip joint mechanism will allow the Z050 to be worn even where the classic lock is already prohibited. Everything is completed by a deep carry reversible clip, thanks to which right-handers and left-handers can wear the “fifty” comfortably. For the very first time, we have also prepared three different colors of the aluminum handle for you. Discreet matte black, professionally elegant silver and sophisticated bold red. We’re sure that you will be satisfied.

Zusätzliche Parameter

Klingenstil: Drop Point
Öffnungssystem: Beiden Händen
Sicherungstyp: Slipjoint
Klip: Deep Carry Reversible
Klingenmaterial: Sleipner
Klingehärte: 58 HRC
Griffmaterial: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Klingefarbe: Stonewash / DLC
Grifffarbe: Schwarz / Rot / Silber
Gesamtlänge: 165 mm / 5,3 inch
Klingelänge: 65 mm / 2,6 inch
Klingebreite: 3 mm / 0,1 inch
Weight of Knife: 80 g / 2,8 oz

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